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Privacy Policy

Aqua World recognizes importance of privacy and implements and maintains the privacy policy herein to protect privacy.

  1. Compliance with regulations and other laws relevant to privacy protection.

    Aqua World complies with regulations and other laws relevant to privacy protection.

  2. Use of personal information

    The aquarium will make efforts to prevent unauthorized access to personal information, loss, destruction, manipulation and disclosure of personal information and take proper measures to prevent them.

  3. Range of use of personal information

    The aquarium will use collected personal information within the scope of the purpose of use of Aqua World.
    (Purpose of use of personal information)

    • Verification of application for “Annual Passport” and its reissuance when lost.
    • Aquarium event and exhibition offers.
    • Shipping of prize to the prize winner at an event.
    • Sending out questionnaires relevant to the events customers want and requests to the aquarium.
  4. Sharing with third party

    Aqua World will not share collected personal information with a third party without your permission. However, the aquarium will disclose personal information when required by law.

  5. Management of personal information

    Collected personal information is safely stored under strict management.

  6. Disclosure and correction of registered information

    • When there is a disclosure request for personal information by the customer, the aquarium will respond to it in an expeditious manner and will quickly correct the information when a correction is requested.
    • The aquarium will respond sincerely to consultation and complaints related to personal information and will strive to make improvements.

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