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Name Aqua World Ibaraki Prefectural Oarai Aquarium
Location 8252-3 Isohama-machi Oarai-machi Higashiibaraki-gun
Ibaraki-ken 311-1301 Japan
Surface A five-story building made with steel reinforced concrete
Floor Space 19,800 m²
Parking Lot Capacity 750 cars and 20 buses
Exhibition Water Tanks 60
Exhibition Creatures 580 species, 68,000 creatures
Exhibition Water Tank Quantity 4,100t (total quantity of water 5,100t)

Emblem of Aqua World Oarai

Our emblem uses a shark for its motif. The shark is at the top of the sea’s food chain.

The shark is a very mysterious creature that has evolved for 400 million years. Here at Aqua World Oarai, we put a lot of effort into shark breeding. We aim to breed the widest variety of sharks out of all of the aquariums in Japan.

The three rings of the emblem represent the following:
– Oarai/Ibaraki/The World
– Japan Current/Current Rip/Oyashio Current
– Past/Present/Future

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