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Accessibility Information

Accessibility Information

Wheelchair and Baby Buggy Hire

Where to hire and return wheelchairs? At the General Information Desk (located just inside the main entrance and to the left).
Wheelchair Provision 15 available
Baby Buggy Provision 20 available (for use with children aged from 2 months to 2 years of age).
Hire Charge Free
Note Available on a first come, first served basis. Wheelchairs cannot be booked in advance.

Main Entrance


General Information Desk

Accessible Bathrooms, Baby Room and First Aid Station

Accessible Bathrooms – Six in total (Western-style toilets)
– Accessible Bathrooms are fitted with washlette toilets
– Accessible Bathrooms are fitted with sliding doors
– Accessible Bathrooms are fitted with baby changing facilities
– Other public male and female bathroom stalls have baby seats mounted to the wall for your convenience
Baby Room – One room available
– We do not provide baby bottles
– We do not sell diapers
– For safety reasons there is no hot water in the baby room. If you do require hot water then please feel free to ask our friendly staff, at either the General Information Desk or the coffee shop.
First Aid Station Full-time nursing staff are always on hand to ensure our visitors’ wellbeing. If you feel generally unwell or sustain an injury then please ask any of our helpful staff for assistance.
Accessible Bathrooms

Accessible Bathrooms

Baby Room

Baby Room

First Aid Station

First Aid Station

Ramps and Elevators


Aqua World is a steel-framed, reinforced concrete five-storey building, with an additional seventh floor observation room.
The route, which you will take around the attraction, provides wheelchair users with access to all areas. Where there is no ramp, please use a nearby elevator.

If you follow the designated route around the attraction, helpful signs and friendly staff will show you to the ramps and elevators.
Proceed straight ahead from the third floor entrance and the designated route starts from the Ocean Encounters Zone.


① A The Encounter Sea


② B Deep Sea → ③ C The Seas of the World
Elevator (Width 80 cm, Capacity 11 people, Weight 750 kg)


④ D The Museum Area (3F) → ⑤⑥ E The Seas of the World 2 (4/5/6F)・ ⑦ The Observation Deck (7F)
Elevator (Width 90 cm, Capacity 15 people, Weight 1,000 kg)


⑥ E The Seas of the World 2 (6F)・ ⑦ The Observation Deck (7F) → ⑤ Kids Land (5F)


⑧ F Rivers and Streams・G The Rendezvous Deck


⑨ The Ocean Theater → ⑩ The Aqua Hall (3F)


⑪ The Food Court → ⑫ The Multipurpose Room


⑫ The Multipurpose Room 2F
Priority Dining Area:
This area can be booked in advanced for disabled groups and groups from elderly facilities.

Priority Seating for Shows and Performances

Live Performances of Dolphins and California Sea Lions Priority spaces are available for wheelchair users
Humboldt Penguins Feeding Time with Explanations Priority spaces are available for wheelchair users
Sea Otters Feeding Time Priority spaces are available for wheelchair users/children (during busy times only)
Fun Fact Fishing Priority spaces are available for children (during busy times only)
The Aquarium Exploration Tour Wheelchair users can take part too. However, as there are steps, wheelchair users are restricted to designated viewing areas.

Information for Visually Impaired Visitors

Auditory and Tactile Exhibitions for Visually Impaired Visitors to Enjoy

Hear whale calls 3F The Museum Area
Hear penguin sounds 3F The Museum Area
Feel the elaborate structure of plastinated model fish 3F The Museum Area
Touching 5F The Discovery Room and Kid’s Land
Feel shark skin and the feathers of aquatic birds 5F The Discovery Room and Kid’s Land

Braille Information

All elevators have Braille letters/numbers. There is no information in Braille in the food court or shops.

Tactile Paving for the Visually Impaired

Tactile paving is used to guide visually impaired visitors from the parking lot to the entrance.


Guide dogs, hearing assistance dogs and service dogs are welcome.
(Entry of any other pets is not permitted and we do not offer a pet minding service.)

Parking Information

Parking 750 regular parking spaces
20 designated bus parking spaces
There are two designated disabled parking areas (10 disabled spaces in the general parking area and 4 spaces in the guest parking area)

Visitors requiring disabled parking spaces should enter the parking lot via the bus and coach entrance. Please inform the parking lot attendant that you require a disabled parking space. There is a wheelchair ramp from the parking lot to the main entrance.

Photo: Parking
Photo: Parking

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